The First Chapter

Finally, I have decided to choose blogging and writing, as my full-time job. It took a while and a few job switch, I started working as an IT head and later switched to Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager and now decided to go full time with Blogging.
I am still gonna work as Assistant Manager for because I like its the concept, and am really sure about it.
So from now, I will be writing on daily basis, I haven't given up on my Tech Blog's dream so will be launching TechYogi and Geekydude soon. Geekydude is a really old idea I wanted to work on since 2012.
Things will change real soon for me, either I have to start working again or can make a living from blogging.
What GeekyDude will cover Geekydude will be a Tech niche blog from start and later I want to convert it in a Digital Marketing Agency.
We will be covering Android How to tips, Windows tips, Tech Explained and Internet Tips as well.
Tech Yogi Tech Yogi will be a local Web development and Social media …
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