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Digital Markter, Business Consultant, Learner.

Yogiraj Mishra

A Digital Marketer.
Soaring from a humble academic setting, I first tried my hands on this rather ferocious yet promising world of internet back in late 2012 through Blogging. And by some remarkable techniques of my own devising , fate finally began to smile on me. But anything static or nonchalant has always been out of question for a man of my disposition. Hence, it only made sense for me to jump on a next gamut of same radar, "JOURNALISM" after a brief roving, the term marketing caught my eye. Soon fascinated by its glory, charm and challanges I mainstreamed marketing, further extending to revel in the upgraded form - Digital Marketing.

Yogiraj Mishra Digital Marketer


Web designing

Digital Marketing

Content Writing

The Internet was made for businesses and I love helping all scale businesses to "Go Online" and exisiting business to expand their customer reach with "Social Media Marketing" and Generate leads through "Search Engine Marketing". My Digital Marketing service includes - "Social Media and Search Engine Marketing","Online reputation Management", "Search Engine Optimization". I also provide any kind of web development. Also if you are a non-profit organization or some who wants to explore Online Marketing, I have special free time for you. Feel free to contact me.
  • Web Development 90%
  • Search Engine Marketing 75%
  • Social Media Marketing 66%
  • Branding and Content 88%

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