In Digital World, Social Media platforms help business to connect with customers and market themselves among the right audience, No doubt Social Media is important for businesses.
Before we go ahead following are some useful expressions which might help you understand new words:-
  • Business profile
    This is a public social media profile for your business.
  • Content
    This can be text, links, events, photos or videos that are shared with your online social community.
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
    This is the percentage of people who click on a piece of content, whether an email, a social post or an online advert. A CTR can be used to measure the success of your digital marketing efforts. A high CTR means your customers find your ads helpful and relevant.
  • Target Audience
    The group of people your business arms to server or support. These may be existing customers, or potentially new customers,
  • Audience Insights
    This is data that can be collected over time to help your business undertsand how people feel about your product, service or a piece of content you have created. You can use your audience insight to tailor your marketing polans, product design and the content you share.

Social Media Marketing and Business Sucess

There are many ways to promote your business and products to the world. Now, along with traditional media marketing, like TV, Billboards, flyers and ewnspaper print ads, many companies are adding social media into the mix. There are many benifits to adding social media to your business's marketing activities. It's very targeted, so it can be seen as an effective method of communicating with and growing, your customer base. It's also more responsive and aloows you to adapt to your customer and business needs.
Lets look at the ways social media can be help grow your business.

Build an online presence quickly

A social profil eis a simple way to get your business online. better still, it's usually quick and free with similar benifits to a website but with fever otherheads, you can use your social media profile to share important contact information. An overview of your product or service promotional offers and marketing campaigns. You can even use your profile to provide real-time customer support.

Drives awareness of your business

With so many people using social media these days, a business without a social presence is a bit like having a store with a sign. People need to know you are there. The online social community is growing by the minute and an online social presence can help to increase awareness of your business, make your business easier to discover and even help your sales revenue. On social media, every user has the potential to be a future customer. Creating a ‘digital storefront’ makes it simple to search for, and share your business when recommending it to friends and family.

For example, Anaya is having trouble finding the perfect saree for her sister’s wedding. Her friend Aneka shares her favourite dressmaker’s Instagram account with Anaya and suggests she get in touch with them. After searching the dressmaker’s profile, Anaya finds a similar dress and sends the store a message to check 1) if it’s still in stock and 2) if they can tailor it for her. Once the dressmaker confirms both questions, Anaya finds their address and opening hours on their profile, before jumping in the car.
The dressmaker’s Instagram account helped build this customer relationship and sale. Without seeing the dressmaker’s Instagram account, Anaya might not have been inspired to visit the shop.

Develop a relationship with your customers

Social Media provides an opportunity to continue your conversation with new and current customers where once a customer might have phoned in advance or just visited the store and hoped for the best, today many people find it more practical to go online first to find out more about any business.
Offering responsive and tailored online customer support on social media is a great way to stand out from your competitors. One-to-one conversations help current and new customers feel confident about your services and what your offer. Responding to and engaging with your audience online in this way can be a great way to provide brilliant customer service. This can strengthen customer relationships and increase customer loyalty.
As well as one-to-one conversations, your business profile is also a great place to share relevant and unique content. You can quickly and easily share information about new products, launch promotions and talk to your audience about their interests – hopefully inspiring them to consider your business time and again.

Get to know your audience

Social media insights can help a business to effectively improve its message, services and products. This information can help you provide more tailored customer support and improved customer experience to help grow your business.

As soon as you launch your social profile, monitor the way people engage with you. What information do people ask for? What content do they engage most with? These insights can help you align your future activity with your customers’ interests and needs. Social media insights can also benefit broader business decisions, such as product design or the stock you buy.

To improve your business and its services, it’s important to understand what appeals to your audience. If users regularly message you with questions about a particular product, consider how you can sell complementary products that match their preferred item. On the other hand, if you are receiving a number of complaints about a product consider changing it, or even discontinuing it.

For example: As the owner of a sports store, Samar uses his Facebook Page insights to help him understand what his customers want. Recently he noticed an increase of women messaging him to ask about tennis equipment. He decides to buy a small test sample of tennis clothing and promotes this through his Page. It sells out within a week! Now some users are even asking to reserve items when they are back in stock. Samar now frequently uses his social media insights to help him decide which new products to buy.
Over to you
We’ve discussed how understanding your audience can help your business grow. Now let’s think about your own experiences.

Key takeouts

  • Setting up a social profile is a simple, effective, and often free way to get your business online
  • Social media marketing can help develop and create new relationships with your audience
  • A social profile is easily sharable and a convenient way for happy customers to share your business with friends and family
  • Social media insights can give you valuable information about your business and what your target audience wants